Our Mission

We are committed to providing an optimal service through our dedicated professional workforce and we strive to continually improve our quality of service.  To meet our customer needs and expectations responsibly efficiently and with sensitivity but foremost.


Company Profile

HCC started its business in manufacturing, retailing and trading of sandalwood products since 1968. The founding members of HCC consist of Beh’s family members and has supported by a team of highly motivated personnel whom together have brought the company flourished into diversified businesses such as investment holdings, Import & Export. Nonetheless, HCC hopes to spur to greater heights by exploring further opportunities.  

After one year of operation, the company has started in production of certain range of sandalwood products. By year of 1974, HCC has expanded its business to cover the whole Malaysia, as well as the the oversea markets.  With the effort of continuously improvement, the company has decided to explore into new market segments of the industry, such as craving of sandalwood artworks, sandalwood fans, manufacturing sandalwood ornaments and for recent years, HCC has ventured into sandalwood skincare products to further expand its customer’s base.




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